‘2020 Was Social Distancing; 2021 Will Be Hugs’

A message of gratitude from Jim Tresize at WineAmerica


Jim Tresize, president of WineAmerica, included this Thanksgiving message of gratitude in his recent newsletter. Except for the wildfires and hurricanes, it’s as applicable here in Michigan as anywhere else. In case you didn’t see it, we share it here with his permission.

   A Pause for Gratitude 

2020 has been quite the year, and there are still 40 days left. The multiple overlapping traumas of Covid, shutdowns, reopenings, reshutdowns, hurricanes, wildfires, elections and more have left little time to remember how lucky we are in so many ways. So let’s pause and ponder.

We are alive

We live on a beautiful blue planet floating in space

We have air to breathe

We have family and friends

We have a roof over our heads

We have clothes on our backs

We have food on our tables

We have wine in our glasses

We do work that we love

We have “wine people” as our friends

Wine people have helped each other

Wine people have helped others in need

Winery trade associations have stepped up

The harvest is over

We have top medical experts

We have heroic health workers 

The CARES Act helped millions

State governments stepped up

We adapted to a new abnormal

We learned to Zoom

We created new marketing channels

We protected our people

A vaccine is imminent

2020 was social distancing; 2021 will be hugs

The turkey is roasting, aroma wafting

We have each other

We have love

Stay safe

Stay strong

Stay hopeful

Stay grateful 

Happy Thanksgiving




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