Coq Au Riesling


From Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

2 Tablespoons garlic infused oil
1 Cup cubed bacon
1 Leek, finely sliced
12 Skinless chicken thighs (or 6 skinless chicken breasts)
1 Bottle Brys Estate Dry Riesling wine
10 Oyster mushrooms, torn into strips (4 cups)
3 Bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Heavy cream (optional) or can use half and half or light sour cream
1-2 Tablespoons freshly chopped dill

Heat the oil in a large fry pan and fry bacon until crisp – if using chicken breasts, use a larger pot or dutch oven.

Add the sliced leek and soften with the bacon for a minute or so.
Add in the chicken, wine, mushrooms and bay leaves.

Season with salt and pepper and bring to boil, cover the pan and simmer genthly for 30-40 minutes – stirring the cream for the last couple of minutes (optional).
Like all stews, this tastes its mellowest best if you let it get cold and then reheat the next day. Serve sprinkled with dill, serve with egg noodles. Serves 6.

Wine Recommendation
Pair with Brys Estate Dry Riesling

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