Southwest Michigan Winery Begins Producing Hand Sanitizer in Response to COVID-19 Need

St. Julian is taking orders for April 15 release


St. Julian Winery and Distillery in Paw Paw is now producing hand sanitizer and taking preorders for pickup and shipping starting April 15.

Vice President of Winemaking Nancie Oxley says St. Julian has ethanol in house to use in port/sherry production.

“We first started by selling our supply to other distilleries and then decided late last week to start production ourselves,” Oxley said on April 3.

Production required no significant modifications other than sourcing ingredients and packaging materials.

“We did purchase an additional hand filler to increase production to meet demand,” Oxley added.

St. Julian’s hand-rub sanitizer is approved by the World Health Organization and is 80 percent ethanol alcohol with peroxide, glycerin and water. It has no fragrance and is not a gel. With a watery consistency, it will also work in a spray bottle. A one-gallon jug is $50. Those wishing to order 50 gallons or more can inquire here.

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