Sky’s the Limit at Boyne Valley Vineyards

Treehouse tasting room will offer bird’s-eye view

Boyne Valley Vineyards is expanding with a treehouse tasting room. (Photos courtesy of Boyne Valley Vineyards)

When Boyne Valley Vineyards was looking for new ways to elevate the wine-tasting experience for its customers, a treehouse tasting room seemed to be the answer.

Tasting room and events manager Mary Ann Lippe explains that the barn’s location was first chosen because of the three maple trees behind it. Once in the tasting room, visitors can walk upstairs to a balcony where there’s a door that currently leads to nowhere — for now. Eventually, it will lead to the new treehouse tasting room.

Spanning an area of 600 feet, the treehouse tasting room will be available for private events like birthday celebrations, rehearsal dinners and other gatherings. The existing tasting room is also available for rent, but only after normal tasting hours.

With about 2,200 vines, the winery currently offers a variety of whites, a rosé, three reds and a red raspberry fruit wine. A Marquette wine will be released this month.

People can visit for tastings, buy drinks by the glass or purchase bottles to go. Boyne Valley also offers a limited food menu with charcuterie boards, cheese and crackers, hummus and other simple fare.

Boyne Valley Vineyards backs up to 115 acres of preserved countryside.

Aside from the indoor tasting room, the location offers outdoor seating and a large lawn surrounded by flower gardens. The property backs up to 115 acres of preserved countryside, which allows visitors to hike and even snowshoe in the winter.

While progress on the new space was slowed due to COVID-19, Lippe is hopeful that renovation can safely resume in July and the treehouse tasting room can be completed by August.

“We’ve got rolling hills here,” she says, “and the view from the treehouse is going to be gorgeous.”

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