Michigan Wine Collaborative Brings Wine Evaluation and Media Opportunities to Lake Michigan College

Michigan wines take the spotlight in Judgement of Michigan


The Michigan Wine Collaborative and Lake Michigan College, which offers a Wine and Viticulture Technology program that includes a commercial teaching winery, are partnering for “Judgement of Michigan” in Benton Harbor on Aug. 3. It is described as a classic wine evaluation with media tours, digital promotion, industry meet and greets and other events still to be announced.

Wines submitted will be categorized according to style and variety, with the top wines in each category receiving medals. Award-winning wines will be featured in showcase events in metropolitan areas throughout Michigan.

Judges represent diverse palates and backgrounds.

“MWC focused on selecting wine professionals which represented our vision of what the wine industry looks like on the ground — diverse career paths, lifestyles, backgrounds and impact in the wine industry,” according to a Michigan Wine Collaborative statement. “We also prioritized wine professionals with active social media presence and followings to increase impact of the impression Michigan wine will make on these influential tasters.”

Michigan winemakers and winery owners will have a chance to meet and network with the panel of judges at casual social events scheduled the evenings before and after judging.

The Collaborative notes: “We will be sharing the MWC message with the wine world this August: Michigan wine is for everyone.”


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