Must Watch: ‘Wine Was Definitely Consumed While Filming’

Left Foot Charley offers up some levity — and wine notes — in video


Left Foot Charley owner Bryan Ulbrich plays winemaker Bryan Ulbrich as he has a little fun touching base, offering up some wine notes and promoting LFC’s spring release of Luthier, a white blend, in a recent video.

“We needed to let people know about new releases and I wanted it to be more than a photo announcement,” Ulbrich said via email. “I was talking to a colleague about wearing two different hats as owner and winemaker.

“The idea came to me that as an owner, I should check in with my winemaker.”

And so the program has the owner Ulbrich in the tasting room talking back and forth with winemaker Ulbrich, who is in the cellar of the Traverse City winery. It wasn’t the first time Ulbrich has ventured into video.

“I used to make spoof interviews (i.e., radio-esque) on cassette tapes as a kid and then videos like this as a high school kid,” he said. “Goofy stuff. I always like skits.”

Reactions have been positive, he added, though a few people were confused by it. He plans to release another one later this week.

“It’s time to check in with the winemaker again soon, for sure,” he said.

Check out Left Foot Charley’s Check-In with the Winemaker: “Let’s get through this safe and sound. Everybody stick together in this one. Try to grab yourself a good bottle of wine and share your positive energy with everybody around. We’re all going through this together.”

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