What’s in a Name?

Dizzy Daisy Winery has the cows to thank for its unique moniker
Dizzy Daisy Winery in Bad Axe. Photo by Joe Rezmer for Dizzy Daisy Winery

A winery’s name can convey a lot. It can indicate heritage and familial pride (Youngblood Vineyard), something unique about the region (45 North Vineyard & Winery), or even the owner’s former career (Chateau Aeronautique Winery).

Some winery names even draw inspiration from the animal kingdom. Such is the case at Dizzy Daisy Winery in Bad Axe, which pays homage to its roots as a dairy farm. “Daisy” is a common name for a cow, and “dizzy” — well, that’s where the wine part comes in.

“I was driving home one day and trying to think of a name,” says owner Harold Kociba, noting that he wanted to incorporate his dairy farm into the title. “I just thought, ‘Daisy drank too much wine, and she got dizzy.’”

Besides its whimsical, bovine-inspired name, Dizzy Daisy has another fun tie to its past life as a dairy farm.

“Our winery building was actually where we used to bottle our milk and ice cream, and then we sold it to stores, too,” Kociba says.

Learn more about Dizzy Daisy — including its hours of operation and extensive wine list — at dizzydaisywinery.com.

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