50 Years of Local Fizz

Mawby celebrates a major milestone in 2023
Mawby has more to celebrate than usual this year: 2023 marks its 50th anniversary. Photo by Tom Balazs

Celebration begins in the bottle at Mawby, where agriculture and cellar craft have combined for decades to yield top-notch sparkling wine. This year, the winery has more to celebrate than usual: 2023 marks its 50th anniversary.

To commemorate this major milestone, the team at Mawby has special events planned throughout the year. In fact, the party got started early with the launch of a new website (mawby.wine) on March 1.

“We’re really excited about [the possibility] of connecting more people to the brand and our wine,” says Claire Lepine, Mawby’s marketing manager.

Other festivities include the release of several new wines (which will be available throughout the year) and vineyard tours.

“I’m really proud to keep celebrating and introduce more people to the sense of [joy] we have here,” Lepine says.

Known to the staff as “Mawby-ness,” the winery’s signature effervescence dates back to 1973, when founder Larry Mawby (aka “The Bubble King”) planted his first vines.

“He wanted to create a product from the land that he could take from start to finish,” says Mike Laing, part owner of Mawby.

Fast-forward half a century, and Mawby’s staunch commitment to quality still sets its wines apart from the crowd. “We take great care in the cellar,” Laing says. There, the team uses both the traditional method and the cuve-close method to create each bottle’s signature bubbles. Laing also highlights premium fruit (sourced locally, whenever possible) and an increasingly team-based brand approach as key pieces of Mawby’s five-decade run.

As for the next 50 years? Mawby’s only getting started. In addition to evolving their craft — “Pushing ourselves to make better wine is our No. 1 [priority],” Laing says — the team members hope their products help spotlight the state as a wine destination.

“Just as Larry Mawby displayed by planting vines here years ago,” Lepine says, “we want to encourage people to try new things and find a reason to celebrate.”

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